You’ve seen us everywhere, you just don’t know it.

Beauty and greatness lie in the details. That’s why that perfectly beaming smile and those glistening white teeth make you want to buy the toothpaste in that commercial you just saw. And why that luscious and full-bodied trellis of bouncy red hair makes you think twice about your current hair care routine. And what about your favorite actor’s chiseled body and rock hard abs in that intense action scene? That was our body double that gave you butterflies. As the first and only body parts modeling agency on the West Coast, we represent only the most exceptional and unique models who possess those perfect parts that make the finished project, whether it be a national ad campaign or epic film scene, truly unforgettable.

Our models’ body parts inserts have been featured in marketing campaigns for The Superbowl, The Oscars and The Summer Olympics. They’ve also been featured for some of the most well-known names in film, television, music, sports and politics, including Nicole Kidman, Jennifer Lopez, Taylor Swift, William Shatner, Jessica Alba, Britney Spears, Anderson Cooper, Manny Pacquiao, Tom Brady, Megan Fox, Robert De Niro and Jane Fonda.

Some of our past and present clients include Apple, Revlon, Nike, Coca-Cola, OPI, McDonald’s, Cover Girl, Sky Vodka, Dell, Priceline, Dominos Pizza, Donna Karan, Tom’s Shoes, Dr. Scholls, Gillette, and Levi’s, among many others.

No matter the part, no matter the job, we’ve got you covered from head to toe.


We do parts. And only parts. Which is why we’re the number one body parts modeling agency in the country.



Founder and CEO Linda Teglovic is the beauty, brains & passion behind Body Parts Models Inc.



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