What We Do

We do parts. And only parts.

Which is why we’re the number one body parts modeling agency in the country. Whether our clients are looking for full and pouting lips, bulging biceps or delicate and dainty feet, BPM Inc. is the first agency at the top of their list. Our diverse models can be seen across all media: national ad campaigns, tv commercials, feature films, television shows, high-end fashion magazines, designer shoe shows, cosmetic contracts and endorsements, just to name a few. A flawless porcelain-like hand for a nail polish print ad… another soft hand to gently caress an actor’s face in a romantic love scene- that’s us. Our exceptional parts dominate the market. We even have an unusual parts category with models who have sought-after specialty attributes: different colored eyes, pot bellies, bald heads, oversized butts, even missing limbs. Because a deformed hand is just what may be needed for that perfect close up shot in the gripping crime scene of your favorite tv show.

Body Parts Models’ perception of beauty is beyond the conventional sense. As each project’s needs are vastly different and constantly changing, we have every type of part to fulfill the job. We’re a virtual catalog of parts in every size, skin tone, age and build. Sometimes it’s a perfect butt that’s needed to body double for an actor with nudity clauses in their contract. Sometimes it’s an over-sized butt for the very same reasons. You never know. As each model’s parts are extremely unique, the jobs we book are just as so.

And while the depth of choices for booking models is vast, our models are true professionals with years of experience on set, which as you know, saves producers and directors time and money. There’s an art to movement and proper body positioning to capture that perfect light and to express that needed emotion. True body parts models have the talent for it.


Founder and CEO Linda Teglovic is the beauty, brains & passion behind Body Parts Models Inc.



No matter the part, no matter the job, we’ve got you covered from head to toe.



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