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How to Meet Us

***Special Note***

There are currently no open calls scheduled. 

We are looking for particular parts and types of models. Please send to us the city, state and country you are currently located in as well as your status, SAG-AFTRA (Union) or Non-Union (not mandatory to be Union). In order to be considered, you will need to send a clear and current face picture, full body shot and pictures of your parts (i.e. Hands, Feet, eyes, etc.) you would like to be considered for representation. ALL PHOTOS MUST BE IN NATURAL LIGHTING!! (Dark or ill-lit pictures do not show the true skin tone and condition of your parts). If you are a consideration, you will receive an email with further information in regards to the open call. We do not need multiple emails with your parts, just one will be great. We are looking for particular types of models, skin tones and parts. If you do not receive an confirmation email, please feel free to try again at the next open call as our needs and industry needs are constantly changing. We appreciate your interest and thank you for your time.**

If you are interested in becoming a professional parts model we would love to meet you. Our open calls are held quarterly on the first Monday of the month. (If the first Monday falls on a holiday, we hold it the next day). Occasionally, we host an open call in between our quarterly castings. Due to COVID-19, open calls will be postponed until 2021. Please check our website regularly for updates. They are by invite only. Just send us a simple digital shot of the part(s) you would like to present. From that email, we can say yes or no. If it is yes, we will send you an “invite” to our next open call with all the details you will need. View Open Call Guidelines >


  • August 7, 2020