Open Call Guidelines


  • August 7, 2020


Body Parts Models, Inc.
2023 Coldwater Canyon Drive
Beverly Hills, CA 90210




702.496.8469 (owner’s line)

Reach this line if you are talent or client with need of immediate help on set only.

So, you have now received an invite to the next Body Parts Models casting. We are so happy to have this opportunity to meet you and your part (s). At the casting, you can expect to be handled in a very organized and professional way. You can arrive during any convenient time during the specified open call hours. You do not need to bring anything, unless you have true professional body model shots or tear sheets. Once you arrive you can expect to sign in and fill out simple paperwork (see attached). Once you have filled out your paperwork, you will meet me so we can sort out your most outstanding part (s). Then, you will head to our professional photographer station to have your full length shot/head shot and part(s) photos.

To make things comfortable for you, please leave purses, bags, jewelry, and anything else that can impede us from viewing just you and just your part(s). Arrive with a fresh face, minimal makeup, clean hair worn in its natural state, shaven legs, and most important with a fresh manicure and pedicure. Please know that if you have tattoos on your outstanding part, we will not consider that part. Also, do not arrive with spray tans or any major tan lines on any of the parts you will be presenting . We are always trying to match your real skin tone for the clients’ requests.

Hands and Feet

Please arrive in gloves and simple slippers that will protect and will not create indentions in the skin. Make sure your slippers have clean insoles, as we will also be looking at the soles of your feel. Please no false nails, gelled nails, French Manicures, color polish, or tattoos that appear on the hands or feet.

Men… Arrive with freshly manicured feet and hands, with short clipped nail and toe nail beds finished with no polish and a flat buff. If your arms and hands and the tops of your feet have dark or excessive hair, please have them “manscaped.” (This means to clip the hair short on the tops of your feet and hands, as well as your arms up to the elbow, leaving some hair for a masculine look.

Women… Please arrive with a fresh manicure and pedicure, tail tips and toenails should be clipped commercial length, filed square with slightly rounded and soft corners. Toenails should be polished with Essie brand Ballet Slipper Pink polish and finger nails should be polished with two coats of Essie brand Mademoiselle. Essie brand Maintenance may work better with darker skin tones


Men… Please wear briefs, not boxers or anything baggy. We want to see the entire leg exposed up to the butt cheek. Please… do not require us to ask you to do so at the casting. If you need wardrobe, we have it available at the open call. Please be dressed and ready with wardrobe when you get in the line to be seen by Linda, otherwise you will unfortunately be sent to the back of the line until you are prepared. We have a lot of great part(s) to view.

Women… Arrive with a pedicure well shaved legs, and a bikini bottom. Please bring a pump, not any type of wedged heel or ankle straps. We want to see the entire leg exposed up to the butt cheek. Please… do not require us to ask you to do so at the casting. If you need wardrobe (including pumps) we have it available at the open call. Please be dressed and ready with wardrobe when you get in the line to be seen by Linda, otherwise you will unfortunately be sent to the back of the line until you are prepared. We have a lot of great part (s) to view.

Body Doubles

Please do not arrive with any tight clothing that may leave indentions on the skin. We can provide wardrobe if required. Please no spray tans, tattoos, or jewelry.

Men… Wear briefs, NO boxers or anything baggy. Have a nice pedicure and manicure. We will be photographing your feet, legs, abs, back, arms, and views of your full length image.

Women… Please arrive with a fresh pedicure and pedicure, and well shaved legs. Toes should be painted in Essie brand Ballet Slipper Pink and nails in two coats of Essie brand Mademoiselle. Wear a bikini with NO ties. Otherwise we will provide you with wardrobe. Bring pumps (no wedges or ankle straps). Pull your hair back in a hair tie and a bun so that your hair does not cover your back or distract from your skin and body shape. You will be photographed from four view points as well as your hands, feet, and any other part we feel is extraordinary (i.e. back, butt, abs, arms).

Backs, Arms, Butt, Abs

Men… Please wear briefs only, no boxers or anything baggy. It is best to come with NO suntan lines, as your natural the skin tone will always be matched to that of the “hero talent” in any production. Do not arrive wearing any binding clothing (i.e. socks, tight jeans or tight arm cup seams). It takes a good 45 minutes for the indentions caused by tight clothing to subside. We will not photograph your parts until your skin is smooth with no visible line or indentions.

Women… Please wear clothing that does not cover or conflict with the body part you are presenting. For example, if you are showing your back, you should wear something that is plunging in the back so we may see the back from the neck to right below the waist line. Wear a sports bra to show your abs, wear booty shorts, a Brazilian cut back or Brazilian cut swim suit bottom to feature a “butt”. We have plenty of appropriate wardrobe provided for anyone that does not have the items we have described in your own wardrobe. Please do not wear any jewelry and pull your hair back with a hair tie so that no hair covers any part of your skin. No suntan lines or spray tans because your natural skin tone will always be matched to that of the “hero talent” in any production. Do not arrive wearing any binding clothing (i.e. socks, tight jeans, belts, etc.). It takes a good 45 minutes for the indentions caused by tight clothing to subside. We will not photograph your parts until your skin is smooth with no visible line or indentions.

Hair Models

Men and Women… Please wear hair in its natural condition. If it is curly or wavy, please show us your beautiful natural hair. If it is straight, come with it ironed super straight so it swings, and has that “Pantene” look.

We will not photograph anyone with dyed hair that shows the roots. Also, please have a fresh cut so there are no broken or frizzed hairs going down the hair shaft. If you have super long hair please take off 3″- 6″. It will still appear long, but it will take on a professional “hair models” look. Please note: I have had to send many girls home to prepare the hair and come back three months later. Our favorite hair dresser is Michael Stevens located at the Alex Roldan Salon. 1020 N San Vicente Blvd, West Hollywood CA 90069. Phone number: 310-855-1113. He will always call us during your appointment to make sure he is preparing your hair the way we like. (He has been working on BPM hair models for 13 years. He is kind and well-priced).

We love all hair lengths and all hair types. We simply cannot photograph your hair if you have not had a fresh cut and if it is colored and grown out with roots. We need beautiful, healthy, and shiny.


Men and Women… Arrive with very moist plump limps. Please Do NOT arrive with dehydrated lips.

Please drink lots of water before your shoot and bring a glossy clear lip treatment.


Men and Women… Please arrive with your hair tied back from your face. Women, please do NOT arrive with any under eye liner; it ages the eyes. Please only arrive with light mascara and no other eye-enhancing makeup.


If you have an unusual part- like two different colored eyes, little ears, maybe BIG ears… what about a perfectly shaped head or a great beard? We love mis-shaped fingers, arthritic fingers, extra large or extra small hands, athletic legs, nice large fannies, big bellies, twins, and anything else you feel is different and unusual that may be worthy of representation. Please speak up so we may take an image!

If you have SAG vouchers, please call SAG prior to the casting. Call SAG “New Membership” Division at 323-549-6769. They can provide you with your exact current SAG status. You will need to provide them with your name and social security number. This is very important information. Also, if you are FiCore, please let us know at the time of your casting! If you are non-union talent, we would still love to meet you too.

If you have any additional questions or requests, please feel free to email us at

We have a friendly and organized staff to greet you and help explain what is needed all the way through your open call.

Please know that your images are used only as a way for us to review your part (s) and does not mean that you have become a Body Parts Models Talent. Also, your images will not be shared with anyone. If you have any questions, please put them in an email and know that we will respond within 24 hrs.

See you soon!

The staff at Body Parts Models …Linda